Château Français

Enpee International School Admission Opens
Admissions Open

Admissions for academic year 2022-23 open for Pre-KG to STD X. Contact Address: ENPEE International School, Château Français, ENPEE Enclave, 241/2, Puthakudy Village, Vadamattam Main Road, Nedungadu Panchayat, Karaikal – 609609. U.T of Puducherry.

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  • The Architecture of the School is planned in such a way that it is subservient to reflect the values of the location.
  • It is designed for the pupils who love the peace of the open land. Education doesn’t end within the classroom.
  • And the whole design is based upon the concept “LESS is MORE.”


  • To make effective use of land by maintaining all existing elements of the site, importantly, the overflowing canal that bisects the land.
  • Linear form of the land offers scope for better utility and greater aesthetic display.
  • Buildings are segregated accordingly by their functions and scope.
Château Français Design Philosophy - ENPEE International School
Full View Design Philosophy - ENPEE International School
  • Form of the building is derived in such a way that it satisfies the functions and services in and around the building in the same flow.
  • Shape and the angle by which the building is oriented, brings natural lighting and ventilation into the building.
  • Form of the building adds to the advantage of free air flow to create optimum breathing spaces.
  • As there are no other buildings existing on the site, the risk of noise pollution and restricted air flow do not arise.
  • The fertility of the existing landscape is maintained to enhance sustainability and aesthetics.
  • Good appearance always brings eyes closer
  • Elevation of the building is designed as a cultural artifact on the basis of the site location
  • KARAIKAL being an erstwhile French Colony, has its own style of architecture for centuries.
  • The concept seamlessly merges traditional values with modern civilization.
  • The elevation of the building reflects the nativity of the land.
Château Français Design Philosophy - ENPEE International School